Prefab 03

The Chalet 01 Fachwerk house is a good solution for country living. This is a spacious and beautiful house.
118 up to 1500 Sq Ft
Construction period:
30 days
Number of storeys:
Kits in stock:

Sale price:
$ 115 000
$ 110 000
Total inside area::
Total outside area::
House equipment Prefab 03
Preparatory work: Design
Full project of the house: Architectural solution (AR), sketch of the house with landing on the site, full project of wooden detailing structures
A package of documents for obtaining a building permit.
House frame kit
Glued structural timber in accordance with the project (240x240, 190x190, 90x190, 60x190). Rafters: 200-240 mm, floor beams from 200 to 400 mm.
Foundation not included
Glass windows and stained glass
Glazing: real multifunctional double-glazed windows (2-chamber, sun-protection, energy-efficient). Functional windows and doors to choose from: plastic painted in bulk in the color of the facade or warm aluminum.
Vapor barrier, wind protection.
Vapor barrier, wind protection. We use only high-quality and proven suppliers of materials.
Soil survey
Topographic survey, geodesy, the location of the house relative to the cardinal points and buildings of neighbors is not included in the price
Insulation of the foundation, roof and walls
Foundation / floor insulation: 20 mm PIR, 160 mm XPS, 20 mm PIR. Wall insulation and soundproofing: 20 mm MDF, 100 mm high density basalt mineral wool, 40 mm PIR. Roof insulation: 40 mm PIR, 160 mm basalt wool or 40 mm PIR, 200 mm basalt wool. depending on the climate zone.
Roof covering
Roof covering: pvc membrane or soft roof, seam, composite, tile. Depending on the choice of the customer.
Facade finishing
Finishing of the facade: eurolining or planken made of pine or larch. Grinding, painting in the factory.
Drainage system - brushed iron.
High-quality drainage system - matte iron. High level of protection against scratches and leaks.
Shaped metal products
Finishing parapets, ebbs, as well as other elements of the house.
Complete set of fasteners: stainless steel, galvanized.
Draft floors
Draft floors - cement particle boards (DSP) are included in the price.
Design and engineering section
It is developed additionally in accordance with the technical specifications of the customer.
Well drilling and ground work
Preliminary work on geology plots are not included in the price
Electrical, floor heating, ventilation, water supply
Included in an additional package.
Delivery of a house kit
Delivery of house kit, tools and loading of the house in the workshop.
Do you want to change the plan of the house?
It's quite simple! Make an appointment with one of our architects and he will create custom layouts based on your ideas.
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Possible extensions

You can complement the house with extensions and terraces, change the layout or move the walls a little to your liking. We will implement any of your ideas.

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Prefab 03
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