About company

Prefabricated houses, saunas, hotels, offices and living spaces using fachwerk technology.

Prefab-1 is the No. 1 company on the market of prefabricated Prefab houses and modular houses. Founded in 2000 Our company uses the German technology for building houses - Fachwerk (technology since 1500 y). The main value lies in the high-tech and environmentally friendly products from which the construction of houses is carried out. This product is a glued structural beam and LVL beam, which is high-strength and stable (floor area without supports up to 15 meters).

Our company uses a revolutionary product in the frame construction market - this is glued laminated timber with a thermal break. This product is 3 times warmer than conventional glued beams! These are truly the latest technologies and our main advantages over competitors both in terms of quality and price. Through this innovative approach, we produce modular homes for year-round use.

The first house was built by us in 2000 and more than 20 years later our company and technology became a group of companies: house production, architectural bureau, finishing materials production, furniture production, development of cottage settlements.

Our designers and architects have experience in designing in different directions: classic German half-timbered houses, European Scandinavian houses in minimalist styles: Finnish, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian houses, as well as luxury areas in the style of Wright and other modern directions of the North American continent. The presence of our own furniture production allows for the design of houses to provide for complete equipment with furniture that will harmoniously fit into the interior.

We create worthy houses - our demanding customers are always satisfied!

Houses and hotels built using our technologies have a high energy efficiency class and can be classified as Low Energy House, Passiv House, Ultra-Low Energy House (A1, A++), Houses with Nearly Zero Energy Needs (A0), German standard KFW-55. On some models, we use solar panels, solar collectors for hot water, and heat pumps for home heating.

Own production is located in Europe, Mexico, Kazakhstan, which ensures high quality, accuracy, reliability, control over the speed of delivery and assembly of the house kit in your country. The presence of factories in these regions allows you to reduce costs as much as possible and ensure continuous deliveries in the shortest possible time.

We are constantly improving every element of our projects in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency while maintaining and improving the aesthetic quality and attractiveness of homes.

Our advantage lies in offering a clear and understandable product. Prefab-1 offers ready-made and well-thought-out solutions in which functionality and design are combined with each other. Our added value is the ability to buy all houses in various combinations and variations - Prefab-1 allows create completely new architectural solutions according to individual technical specifications of clients.

The company operates in the sales markets both independently and through partners, if you have your own home sales business, then we can become your dealer, as well as a technology partner who will transfer construction and sales technology to you.

Currently, Prefab-1 has more than 20 partners who operate in the markets of frame and modular housing construction in Europe (Italy, France, Austria, Lithuania, Germany, Georgia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain), Great Britain, USA, Mexico, countries of the Middle East. For more information, please contact our sales manager.

Our mission is to work in such a way that your experience with our home kits and commercial properties is truly comfortable, enjoyable and financially secure. Customer care is our top priority. We are always making additional efforts to improve the quality of products, and we demand the same from our suppliers and partners.


Working hours: Mon – Sat, 10.00 – 21.00


E-mail: sale@ourhabitas.eu

Adress: Los Angeles